Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost is now live, feast your eyes on these screens

With the weekly reset, that went live at 4 am, Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost is now officially live. Just what is available for Guardians this year? Let’s take a look.

During the Festival of the Lost, Amanda Holliday will be offering Bounties, masks and rewards and Guardians will be able to take part in the Haunted Forest.

The new, limited-time activity, is exclusive to the Festival of the Lost and sees Guardians having to fight ghouls and demons. 

Festival of the Lost

The Haunted Forest gives players 15-minutes to make it as far as possible through the location and defeat as many Nightmares as possible. The further you go, the harder it gets. Players will be able to play solo, in fireteams of friends or through matchmaking. 

This means no matter how you want to play Haunted Forest, you’ll be able to without much fuss. The Haunted Forest takes place in the Infinite Forest location.

By completing bounties, Holliday will give players Fragmented Souls which can be used to purchase masks and the new Legendary Auto Rifle; Horror Story.

Beginning on October 30, Guardians will be able to take part in the search for Master Ives killer. According to Bungie, the killer is unknown but;

Maybe someone wanted to settle an old score, or lost their temper when receiving an Edge Transit.

I’ll bet on the Edge Transit.

A new quest line to track down Master Ives’ killer will also add a Powerful Reward each week.

Each time players earn a Steadfast Engram during Festival of the Lost, they’ll also earn an Ephemeral Engram. This means that during the Festival of the Lost, Guardians are earning twice as many Bright Engrams.

Iron Banner

With the launch of Festival of the Lost, Iron Banner has made its return to Destiny 2. Based on feedback from players, Bungie has made some changes to Iron Banner Bounties as follows;

  • Each bounty will now offer a powerful reward
  • Bounty objectives have been updated to the following:
    • Lightbearer: Reduced Super kills to 20 from 25
    • Iron in the Blood: Reduced match completions to 15 from 30
    • Shine On: Reduced Orbs generated to 50 from 100
    • Iron Victory: Reduced match wins to 7 from 10
    • To Be Precise: Reduced precision kills to 50 from 100
    • All in a Week’s Work: Reduced kills to 150 from 250 

When you make a direct purchase from a Bounty completion, you will now be rewarded with a special item with a curated roll. For this Iron Banner, players will be getting Bite of the Fox and Claws of the Wolf.

It’s a good time to be playing Destiny 2. Make sure you check out the screenshots of Festival of the Lost below.

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