Win Prizes with Battlefield V’s Enigma Code puzzles

Invented by German engineer Arthus Scherbius, the Enigma machine was adopted by militaries and governments across the world. Cracking this code would prove crucial if the Allies were to be victorious, and now you can enlist to help as EA release their Operation Enigma for Battlefield V.

Five new tactical missions based on real historical events during World War II are available. 

Modern technology meets 1940’s subterfuge and stealth as players are challenged to unlock hidden messages and crack the code. Each Enigma mission is designed to keep players guessing with house-built chatbots, camera-enabled AR technology, QR coded images, music recognition platforms and hidden codes within websites and banners.

Battlefield V Enigma Codes

An incredible amount of depth went into the five missions, with a team of gamers, designers, writers and developers spending hours researching World War II and testing each mission to ensure its accuracy and complexity.

The first mission launched in secret on the Battlefield V site, hidden in plain sight amongst the usual posts and news. With the first four of the missions now completed but available for play at the time of writing, the fifth remains unsolved.

Missions have so far included spy skills such as:

  • Using a music manuscript to encrypt a secret message, based on a WWII spy who used musical notes to transport important information without being detected.
  • An online Enigma machine, which simulated an electro-mechanical typewriter used to decipher war correspondence.
  • Longitude and latitude coordinates to reveal code names.
  • Steganography technology, which was used to hide top-secret information within images.
  • Morse code decoders. 

Prizes for completing the enigma puzzles included trips to Gamescom in Germany or Livestream in Tokyo as well as swag kits and loot boxes for when BFV goes live, but the most coveted of all prizes is yet to be claimed.

Can you crack the final Operation Enigma code and claim the brand new Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card that’s up for grabs? With only one available, don’t delay and get cracking now.

The prizes are as below.

  • Mission 1 – Live date: 8 June AEST – Solved. Prize: Trip to Gamescom in Germany
  • Mission 2 – Live date: 29 June AEST – Solved. Prize: Trip to the Livestream in Tokyo
  • Mission 3 – Live date: 1 August AEST – Solved. Prize: Battlefield V swag kits 
  • Mission 4 – Live date: 31 August AEST – Solved. Prize: Battlefield V swag kits
  • Mission 5 – Live date: 8 October AEST – Open. Prize: 1 x GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 

With Battlefield V set to launch on November 20, you can check out all the coming news and updates here.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some code to crack, as my 1070 Ti is looking a little dated right now.

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