Super Mario Party Minigames – Complete List of All Minigames

With Super Mario Party, Nintendo has put together a collection of 80 minigames that include free-for-all, 1 v 3, 2 v 2, co-op, rhythm and more. 

Not every minigame is unlocked when you first start the game though and to unlock them all you’re going to have to play all of the modes a few times. You’ll know if you’ve not unlocked all of the Super Mario Party minigames as there’ll still be a “???” on the minigame roulette and when you select a minigame from Free Play.

Until you unlock all of the Super Mario Party minigames, you won’t be able to play Challenge Road either.

Super Mario Party Minigames

For this list of Super Mario Party minigames, we’re going to group them by type. 

Free-for-all Minigames

Trike HarderSlaparazziSizzling StakesSnack Attack
Barreling AlongSphere MongersSenseless CensusSocial Climbers
Can Take PancakeLost in the ShufflePrecision GardeningGridirion Gauntlet
Candy ShakedownFuzzy Flight SchoolSoak or CroakLooking for Love
Croozin’ for a Broozin’Trip NavigatorLook SharpAbsent Minded
Don’t Wake WigglerFeeding FriendsyStake Your ClaimRumble Fishing
Rattle and HmmmMetal DetectorsAir to FortuneFollow the Money
Lightning RoundTiming is Money  

1 Vs. 3 Minigames

Smash and CrabOff the ChainDust Buddies
Sign, Steal, Deliver
Dart GalleryBlock and LoadDrop ShotBopping Spree
Drop QuizWhat a Racket  

2 Vs. 2 Minigames

Pie HardTall OrderMaking FacesMaths of Glory
Dash and DineFruit ForecastNut CasesTow the Line
Perfect FitJuice Box  

Team Minigames

Rowboat UprisingTrain in PainPull it Together
Hammer and Sic ‘Em
It’s the PitsJust for KicksBumper BrawlLit Potato
Get Over itHalf the Battle  

Co-op Minigames

Net WorthSort of FunHome on the ‘RangPenguin Pushers
Isthmus Be the WayGo with the FlowMiner SetbacksFetch Quest
Suit YourselvesFireplace Race  

Rhythm Minigames

Strike it RichTime to ShineTake a StabAll-Star Swingers
Rhythm and BruisePep RallyWiped OutFiddler on the Hoof
Clearing the TableBaton and On  

There you have it, a complete list of all the Super Mario Party minigames.

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