Chroma Warframe Prime Access now available

If you weren’t aware, Digital Extremes offers Warframe Prime Access every three months. This means that an existing warframe gets ‘Primed’ alongside a couple of signature weapons.

When a frame or weapon is Primed, it’s essentially given a better skin, and improved stats, though that’s a gross simplification.

This is obviously a good thing.

Warframe Prime Access

Of course, when a new Prime Access is released, the existing one ends. This week sees Limbo Prime Access ending and Chroma Prime Access starting.

As a result, players can purchase the following packs in-game.

Note that an asterisk (*) denotes that this can also be farmed for free.

  • Chroma Prime Access Pack (PC has three versions of this component)
    • Chroma Prime*
    • Gram Prime*
    • Rubico Prime*
    • Chroma Prime Glyphs

  • Chroma Prime Accessories Pack
    • Imugi Prime Armour
    • Impetus Prime Syandana
    • 90-day credit booster
    • 90-day affinity booster 

From a lore perspective, Prime Warframes represent the original warframe technology that was present during the Orokin era and is thus better than the reproductions that came after. Warframe players tend to hold Primes in high regard.

Keep in mind that most of this can also be farmed in-game for free. Although the new Access Packs are available for purchase, most of this content is available to all players as it simply increases the loot table.

Items that were available in the last Prime Access will also continue to be available within the game, but will no longer be directly purchasable as part of the promotion.

That said, when a new Prime Access is released, one Prime Warframe (and associated weapons) are vaulted. These are essentially removed from the loot table.

At this time, we say goodbye to Valkyr Prime, Cernos Prime, and Venka Prime. They will be missed, although not by me as I happen to have them all.

Warframe is available now and is coming to Switch later this year.

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