Arena of Valor not (yet) available for Switch on the ANZ eShop

While we reported yesterday that the release for Arena of Valor Switch was set for September 25, we were not aware that this did not include Australia and New Zealand.


We have confirmed that the game is available as a free-to-play download from many other markets, but is not yet available locally.

I’ve performed some Google-fu and determined that Arena of Valor was released in all countries that are a part of Asia, Europe, US, and Japanese eShop region

It turns out, Australia and New Zealand do not fall within any of these.

Arena of Valor Switch

There is a workaround, as the Nintendo Switch is a region-free console, after all. All it takes is a little time, and second email address.

Head over to the Nintendo Accounts login page and select “Create Nintendo Account”. Use your alternate email address (don’t forget to remember your password, or use a password service such as LastPass), and select some other country as your place of residence (you don’t need to put in an address, or any Credit Card details).

Once you have submitted AND VERIFIED your new Nintendo account, head over to your Switch and Add a New User.

Then you can open the eShop as that new user, which will be connected to the eShop in the region that you noted when setting up your account. You’ll find Arena of Valor there, which you can download for free.

And yes, you can use this app on any of the other accounts set up on your Switch, but note that there are no servers in our region yet, so there will be some ping-related issues for now.

Happy mobile MOBA-ing!

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