Rocket League Progression Update goes live today

Psyonix has revealed that the Rocket League Progression Update will be available today across all platforms. The Rocket League Progression Update “will add a revamped progression system.”

This new progression system changes the way players earn XP and introduces the new Clubs feature. Clubs allows players to create and manage their club/team which can include up to 20 members.

The Progression Update also rolls out the Rocket League Rocket Pass. Similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass, the Rocket Pass gives players additional ways to earn content. The Rocket Pass is available to all players, however, with a Premium Upgrade costing $9.99 USD which offers even more rewards.

Rocket League Progression Update

When the Progression Update is applied players will find an all-new XP system. It will remove the current level cap and “flattens the amount of XP needed” for players to increase their level. The current level cap is 75 which grants players the Rocketeer title. 

With the Progression Update, players will be able to exceed 75 and will no longer need to grind for more and more XP each time. The new system sounds much more in line with something like Overwatch where players simply need to earn the same amount of XP each time in order to level up.

In addition to the Clubs function, the Progression Update will add new Achievements and Trophies and make quality of life changes to Rocket League.

The Progression Update is due to be rolled out today on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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