Brawlhalla is coming to Switch and Xbox One in November

Ubisoft, having purchased developer Blue Mammoth Games, has announced that Brawlhalla will be launching on both Switch and Xbox One in November. The free-to-play platform brawler already has 15 million players across PC and PS4.

Loosely based on Norse mythology, Brawlhalla takes place in Valhalla where Odin has commanded his Valkyries to bring the universe’s greatest warriors. 

On their return, not only did they bring Vikings, they also brought pirates, cowboys, Amazons, monsters, aliens and more. 

Brawlhalla Switch & Xbox One

Similar to Smash BrosBrawlhalla pits fighters against each other on a 2D plane with items being dropped onto the battlefield. All players spawn without any weapons, but as they drop into the field, a mad rush ensues to see who can claim it first.

In our review of Brawlhalla we wrote;

If you have a group of friends over for a night, this is a great game to add to the nights’ entertainment or a fantastic babysitter on a Saturday morning.

Brawlhalla has also developed as something of an esports title with the third annual championship scheduled to take place at Dreakhack Atlanta, November 16 through 18.

Brawlhalla will be available for Switch and Xbox One on November 6. It’s free-to-play now on PC and PS4.

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