Home News Travis Scott is the curator of NBA 2K19’s soundtrack

Travis Scott is the curator of NBA 2K19’s soundtrack

Travis Scott is the curator of NBA 2K19’s soundtrack

2K and Grammy-nominated rapper Travis Scott have announced that Scott has curated the NBA 2K19 soundtrack.

In a brief interview between LeBron James and Scott, the latter talks about how proud and excited he is to be curating the soundtrack. It’s not just producing the soundtrack that has Scott so excited though. 

As James points out, being part of the NBA 2K family is an honour and Scott concurs.

NBA 2K19 Soundtrack

In exciting news for Aussie fans, Scott has included Ball Park Music, Wax Motif, Anna Lunoe and Alison Wonderland on the NBA 2K19 soundtrack. Ball Park Music’s track “Hands Off My Body” features on the soundtrack and Alison Wonderland has two tracks, “Cry” and “New Rules”, on the NBA 2K19 soundtrack.

You can listen to the full soundtrack on Spotify, or embedded below.

Also included on the NBA 2K19 soundtrack are Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Fall Out Boy, Three Days Grace and King Krule.

James says to Scott during the interview, “One of the mantras of 2K is ‘They Will Know Your Name.’ What does that mean to you?” Scott replies;

Astroworld is actually a place that was torn down. They tried to take the name away from the city, they take the amusement park, the fun away.

I kind of wanted to make sure I’ll put that on my bag put that on you know the front the front page just like everything I’m doing just. So they can remember that name, remember my name, remember the city, remember the fun.

NBA 2K19 will be available on September 11, 2018.