Get a sneak peek at The Boomsday Project’s single-player content

HearthStone’s most recent expansion, The Boomsday Project, has been out for just over a week. As is standard with the new expansion, Blizzard holds back the single-player content until a few weeks after launch.

While Puzzle Labs still isn’t available, HearthStone Missions Designer Giovanni Scarpati and Lead UI Designer Max Ma took part in Hearthside chat to discuss the new mode. Scarpati discusses the inspiration for the mode while Ma talks about the iterations of the UI for The Puzzle Labs.

Unlike other modes, The Puzzle Labs doesn’t force you to face battle after battle. Instead, you’re battling against puzzles.

HearthStone Puzzle Labs

In The Puzzle Labs, players are able to tackle any of the four labs in any order they like. Better still, you never lose progress. If a puzzle is proving too difficult, you’re able to quit and come back later, never having to start all over again.

The four Puzzle Labs are all themed being;

  • Lethal – In this experiment, players are tasked with neutralising the opponent in one turn using the cards at their disposal
  • Mirror – These tasks challenge players to create a board state where both sides are perfect mirror images of each other: minion positioning, health, attack, etc. These particularly devious puzzles require one to think outside the box
  • Board Clear – Pretty straightforward: clear the board of all minions, even your own
  • Survival –The Survival trial requires the test subject to restore their own health in order to survive their opponent’s onslaught. 

Across the four Labs, there are over 100-puzzles to solve, each with specific scenarios and win conditions. According to Blizzard, you’ll need to have some pretty good card knowledge to get all the way through The Puzzle Labs.

If you’re good enough to make it through all four labs, you’ll face-off against Dr. Boom. Beat him and you’ll earn the Boomsday card back.

The Boomsday Project is available now.

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