Doughlings Arcade Review – Classic Mash-Up

Doughlings Arcade is a wonderful take on a mash-up of classic puzzle games. Think Breakout meets Puzzle Bobble with a touch of Peggle thrown in. The aim of the game is quite simple, collect 3 stars per level and continue on.

This is accomplished by firing a ball in one of two directions from your character, Dr Morphious to start. Once the ball is in flight it bounces around tagging doughlings.

Depending on their colour they will need to be hit a certain number of times. Hitting the ball with your character will bounce it back up much like a paddle located in each level are the stars.

Stars earn elixirs which can then, in turn, be used to upgrade your character. Progress further into the game to unlock other characters who all of which have unique abilities.

Doughlings Review

Hidden in some levels, though in plain sight, are DNAs. DNAs are a special power-up that morphs you for a short time. Once you’ve been morphed you’re given access to further abilities.

Doughlings includes some form of competition with friends thanks to online connectivity. You’ll want to aim for high scores and show off on the leaderboards.

You’re also able to challenge a friend in a level you have made with the in-game editor.

The further you progress in the game, the more difficult it gets. Naturally.

As levels progress the game throws more challenges at you. Here is where the upgrading of your character comes into play making ability last longer, hit harder and so on.

Making that Dough

While playing I came across an odd glitch whereby my progress wouldn’t save unless I press the back button. Anytime I didn’t press back to go to the main menu, my progress would be lost and I’d need to finish the level all over again.

All in all, Doughlings is a nice little classic game to play. It’s a good throwback to older games while still being fun for gamers today. 

Doughlings was reviewed on Xbox One using a code provided by the developer.

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