Fallout 76 earns an MA15+ rating in Australia

In not at all surprising news, Fallout 76 has been given an MA15+ rating in Australia. Classified on August 14, 2018, Fallout 76‘s rating appears to stem from the Strong impact violence. 

Other factors taken into account by the Classification Board are Moderate impact Themes, Language and Drug Use and Mild Impact Sex.

Fallout, since its reinvigoration with Fallout 3, has been known to be quite violent and graphically so. It stands to reason then, that Fallout 76 would carry on in the same fashion.

Fallout 76 Rating

The consumer advice given by the Classification Board is “Strong Violence, online interactivity.” Again, given what we know about the series and Fallout 76 being an online title, neither of these is unexpected.

It is good to know though that there are no issues with Fallout 76 securing a release in Australia. Fallout 3 was originally refused classification due to players being able to take Morphine in-game. Once this was changed to Med-X, the game was able to be sold with an MA15+ rating. 

Interestingly, in Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas, Med-X is the name for the item in all regions. It was renamed wholesale based on the classification issues in Australia, rather than have one different version.

Thankfully, it looks like there needs to be no censorship this time around and Fallout 76 will be released as Bethesda intends.

Fallout 76 will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 14, 2018.

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