2K Showcase returns to WWE 2K19 honouring Daniel Bryan

2K today announced that the 2K Showcase will be returning in WWE 2K19. This story-driven mode will feature and honour Daniel Bryan and his career. In WWE 2K19’s 2K Showcase players will be able to relive all the most memorable moments from Bryan’s career.

The 2K Showcase was absent from the past two releases, but 2K is proud to be bringing it back in WWE 2K19.

Dubbed, The Return of Daniel Bryan, the showcase is told in the stars own words. It also includes classic footage from Bryan’s career.

2K Showcase Daniel Bryan

The Design Team at Visual Concepts best explains 2K Showcase;

The mode features historic WWE footage that gives context and backstory to the objective-based matches the user plays through.

Achieving objectives often triggers mid-match cinematic cutscenes that allow the user to recreate historic moments on their way to victory. Completing objectives also unlocks special arenas, Superstars, attires and championship belts.

The goal of finishing a Showcase is to complete as many objectives as possible to earn all unlockable content, and of course, relive some awesome WWE history along the way.

Visual Concepts explained that the 2K Showcase was brought back for WWE 2K19 thanks to fan feedback. Fans had been requesting the return of the mode, so the team obliged. Visual Concepts had also wanted to bring the mode back and using Bryan to do so was the perfect fit.

In our eyes, Daniel Bryan is one of – if not the most – popular WWE Superstar in the last decade, with nearly universal support from the WWE Universe. 

His story resonates with everyone, as he worked incredibly hard to get to the top of his craft – only to deal with setbacks that seemingly would keep him from fulfilling his dreams. Instead, he persevered, fought for what he wanted and is now back doing what he was meant to do. 

His story is both relatable and inspiring for anyone trying to achieve their goals in life.

Bryan’s 2K Showcase will include 11 objective-based legendary matches and one special surprise.

WWE 2K19 will be available for PS4 and Xbox One on October 5, 2018.


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