Octopath Traveler – How to Multiclass with the Apothecary

There are eight main characters and eight classes in Octopath Traveler. When you eventually collect all eight characters, you’ll have the option to use; Hunter, Warrior, Dancer, Apothecary, Scholar, Cleric, Thief and Merchant.

Each of the classes has their strengths and weaknesses and the characters are all interesting. As you get to know them and follow their stories, you’ll undoubtedly start to have your favourites. 

Eventually, it becomes difficult to keep your favourite characters in your party as you’ll need a better or different combination of skills. 

That’s when Multiclassing coming into play.

Octopath Traveler Apothecary Multiclass

To unlock Multiclassing, you’ll need to find the special shrines located around the world. This guide teaches you how to find the Apothecary class knowledge so you can have your characters be both their original class and Apothecary if you so choose.

Finding the Shrine of the Healer

To learn the knowledge of the Apothecary, you’ll need to head to the Shrine of the Healer. Located south of Clearbrook, you’ll need to head west from Clearbrook, then south at the West Clearbrook Traverse.

Continue heading south until you reach the South Clearbrook Traverse. From here head to the south-west until you pass the lost old man and cross over a stone bridge. 


You’ll find yourself at the entrance to the East Saintsbridge Traverse. Make sure you’ve levelled up before you enter this area as its Danger Level is 20.

Apothecary Skills for You

Once you’re in the East Saintsbridge Traverse, you’ll want to head south-east and keep going until a notification pops up telling you that you’re about to enter the Shrine of the Healer.

Once inside, head up the middle of the Shrine and examine the Urn when you reach it.

You’ll then be given the Apothecary Class Knowledge and be able to Multiclass your characters.

To do so, head into the new Jobs menu and then select which character will Multiclass. You’re able to spend your Job Points to unlock additional skills in the new Job too.

When you get yourself into a battle, you’ll be able to choose abilities from both your original and new job. 

Keep an eye out for other Shrines in the world.

Octopath Traveler is exclusive to Switch.

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