Octopath Traveler Enemy Weakness Guide

Octopath Traveler is a big, beautiful throwback to the Square Enix RPGs of the SNES era. It’a got a great cast of characters, an interesting, gradually unfolding story and a great battle system.

Being an old-school RPG, you’ll be spending a lot of your time battling enemies. These enemies will attack you randomly as you explore the field too. 

Nothing says old-school like random encounters right? 

Octopath Traveler Enemy Weakness

Each and every enemy in Octopath Traveler has a number of weaknesses that you’re able to exploit to help you do more damage and defeat them more quickly. These weakness are one of twelve different attacks, both physical and elemental.

They are; Sword, Dagger, Spear, Axe, Staff, Bow, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Dark and Light.

Most enemies have at least two weaknesses, and the lower tier enemies usually have four or five. You can figure out each enemy weakness by trial and error, or you could use our handy-dandy guide and save yourself some time.

This list is by no means exhaustive as there’s no way to guarantee an encounter with every enemy. I’ve also left off most bosses.

Over time, I’m hoping to complete this list, but for now, it’s as detailed as it can be. Hopefully, you find it useful. 

This Octopath Traveler enemy weakness guide is in alphabetical order as there’s no way to know which location any individual player will begin their game in.

Keep checking this list for more updates.

Octopath Traveler Enemy Weakness Guide

Aggressive Ant Spear Staff Lightning    
Ambling Bones Staff Wind Light    
Antagonistic Ant Dagger Staff      
Armor Eater Sword Axe Wind    
Ash Raven Spear Dagger Bow Wind  
Ashlan Sword Dagger ?    
Blood Viper Sword Spear Axe Dark  
Brawler Bones Axe Staff Fire Light  
Cait Sword Dagger Axe Staff  
Cliff Birdian II Sword Spear Axe Light  
Cliff Birdian II Sword Spear Axe Light  
Cliff Birdian III Spear Dagger Fire Dark  
Cliff Birdian IV Sword Spear Axe Lightning  
Cliff Birdian V Sword Spear Axe Lightning  
Dancing Bones Axe Staff Fire Light  
Dark Roller Dagger Lightning      
Dire Army Ant Sword Dagger Axe    
Dire Ash Raven Spear Dagger Bow Wind  
Dire Night Raven Spear Dagger Bow Wind  
Dread Falcon Spear Dagger Bow Wind Dark
Eggling Sword Spear Axe    
Fire Elemental Ice Wind      
Fire Sentinel Sword Spear Axe Staff Ice
Fire Wisp Ice Dark      
Flame Curator Spear Bow Staff Ice  
Flatlands Froggen I Bow Ice Light    
Flying Fish Sword Bow Thunder Dark  
Forest Fox Sword Dagger Bow Staff  
Forest Ratkin I Dagger Axe Lightning Light  
Forest Ratkin II Dagger Axe Lightning Light  
Forest Ratkin III Spear Axe Fire    
Gabbrodillo Sword Axe Light    
Giant Boar Sword Bow Dark    
Giant Slug Dagger Ice Dark    
Gideon Sword Dagger Axe Light  
Great Condor Spear Bow      
Hatchling Sword Spear Axe    
Heavenwing Spear Bow Dark    
Hermit Conch Sword Spear Ice    
Highland Ratkin I Sword Dagger Bow Light  
Highland Ratkin II Sword Dagger Bow Light  
Highland Ratkin III Spear Bow Dark    
Ice Sentinel Sword Spear Axe Bow Staff
Ice Wisp Fire Light      
Killer Bug Sword Axe Dark    
Laughing Hyena Axe Bow Fire    
Lloris Dagger Fire Wind    
Majestic Marmot Bow Staff Fire    
Makk Bow Staff (?) Fire Wind  
Manymaws Sword Axe Fire    
Marionette Bones Staff Wind Light    
Marmot Bow Staff Fire    
Mikk Spear Axe Lightning Wind  
Monarch Spear Bow Dark    
Morlock’s Mercenary I Spear Dagger Ice Dark  
Mossy Meep Sword Axe Staff    
Mutant Mushroom Dagger Fire      
Night Raven Spear Dagger Bow Wind  
Omar Spear Dagger Staff Ice Light
Omar’s Footman Sword Axe Lightning Wind  
Pirate I Bow Fire      
Pirate II Bow Fire      
Pirate III Sword Bow      
Puppet Bones Staff Fire Light    
Red Fox Dagger Bow Staff    
River Bug Sword Axe Staff Dark  
River Fly Spear Bow Ice Wind  
River Froggen I Sword Axe Ice Dark    
River Froggen II Sword Bow Ice Dark  
River Froggen III Sword Bow Ice    
River Froggen IV Staff Ice Dark    
River Froggen V Staff Ice Dark    
River Wasp Sword Spear Axe    
Rock Tortoise Sword Wind      
Rockadillo Sword Axe Dark    
Russel Sword Dagger Staff Ice Wind
Sailfish Sword Bow Fire Lightning  
Salamander Dagger Ice Light    
Sand Lizardman I Sword Dagger Ice Dark  
Sand Lizardman II Sword Dagger Ice Dark  
Sand Lizardman III Spear Dagger Lightning Dark  
Sea Birdian I Sword Spear Fire Lightning  
Sea Birdian II Sword Spear Fire Lightning  
Sea Birdian III Sword Fire Wind    
Sea Snake Spear Fire      
Sentinel Sword Spear Axe Staff Fire
Shadow Bat Sword Spear Bow Ice  
Shaggy Meep Bow Rod Dark    
Shambling Weed Sword Axe Fire    
Skulking Fungoid Spear Ice      
Skull Roller Spear Ice Dark    
Slayer Bug Sword Axe      
Spud Bug Sword Dagger Fire Light  
Sticky Slug Dagger Light      
Tempest Falcon Spear Dagger Bow Wind  
Thunder Sentinel Sword Spear Axe Rod Wind
Thunder Wisp Wind Dark      
Two-Handed Hatchling Sword Spear Axe    
Wanderweed Sword Fire      
War Dog Axe Bow Fire Lightning  
Warrior Wasp Sword Spear Axe    
Water Wisp Spear Axe Fire Lightning  
Wind Wisp Lightning Light      

Octopath Traveler is exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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