Octopath Traveler Enemy Weakness Guide

Octopath Traveler is a big, beautiful throwback to the Square Enix RPGs of the SNES era. It’a got a great cast of characters, an interesting, gradually unfolding story and a great battle system.

Being an old-school RPG, you’ll be spending a lot of your time battling enemies. These enemies will attack you randomly as you explore the field too. 

Nothing says old-school like random encounters right? 

Octopath Traveler Enemy Weakness

Each and every enemy in Octopath Traveler has a number of weaknesses that you’re able to exploit to help you do more damage and defeat them more quickly. These weakness are one of twelve different attacks, both physical and elemental.

They are; Sword, Dagger, Spear, Axe, Staff, Bow, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Dark and Light.

Most enemies have at least two weaknesses, and the lower tier enemies usually have four or five. You can figure out each enemy weakness by trial and error, or you could use our handy-dandy guide and save yourself some time.

This list is by no means exhaustive as there’s no way to guarantee an encounter with every enemy. I’ve also left off most bosses.

Over time, I’m hoping to complete this list, but for now, it’s as detailed as it can be. Hopefully, you find it useful. 

This Octopath Traveler enemy weakness guide is in alphabetical order as there’s no way to know which location any individual player will begin their game in.

Keep checking this list for more updates.

Octopath Traveler Enemy Weakness Guide

Aggressive AntSpearStaffLightning  
Ambling BonesStaffWindLight  
Antagonistic AntDaggerStaff   
Armor EaterSwordAxeWind  
Ash RavenSpearDaggerBowWind 
Blood ViperSwordSpearAxeDark 
Brawler BonesAxeStaffFireLight 
Cliff Birdian IISwordSpearAxeLight 
Cliff Birdian IISwordSpearAxeLight 
Cliff Birdian IIISpearDaggerFireDark 
Cliff Birdian IVSwordSpearAxeLightning 
Cliff Birdian VSwordSpearAxeLightning 
Dancing BonesAxeStaffFireLight 
Dark RollerDaggerLightning   
Dire Army AntSwordDaggerAxe  
Dire Ash RavenSpearDaggerBowWind 
Dire Night RavenSpearDaggerBowWind 
Dread FalconSpearDaggerBowWindDark
Fire ElementalIceWind   
Fire SentinelSwordSpearAxeStaffIce
Fire WispIceDark   
Flame CuratorSpearBowStaffIce 
Flatlands Froggen IBowIceLight  
Flying FishSwordBowThunderDark 
Forest FoxSwordDaggerBowStaff 
Forest Ratkin IDaggerAxeLightningLight 
Forest Ratkin IIDaggerAxeLightningLight 
Forest Ratkin IIISpearAxeFire  
Giant BoarSwordBowDark  
Giant SlugDaggerIceDark  
Great CondorSpearBow   
Hermit ConchSwordSpearIce  
Highland Ratkin ISwordDaggerBowLight 
Highland Ratkin IISwordDaggerBowLight 
Highland Ratkin IIISpearBowDark  
Ice SentinelSwordSpearAxeBowStaff
Ice WispFireLight   
Killer BugSwordAxeDark  
Laughing HyenaAxeBowFire  
Majestic MarmotBowStaffFire  
MakkBowStaff (?)FireWind 
Marionette BonesStaffWindLight  
Morlock’s Mercenary ISpearDaggerIceDark 
Mossy MeepSwordAxeStaff  
Mutant MushroomDaggerFire   
Night RavenSpearDaggerBowWind 
Omar’s FootmanSwordAxeLightningWind 
Pirate IBowFire   
Pirate IIBowFire   
Pirate IIISwordBow   
Puppet BonesStaffFireLight  
Red FoxDaggerBowStaff  
River BugSwordAxeStaffDark 
River FlySpearBowIceWind 
River Froggen ISwordAxeIce Dark  
River Froggen IISwordBowIceDark 
River Froggen IIISwordBowIce  
River Froggen IVStaffIceDark  
River Froggen VStaffIceDark  
River WaspSwordSpearAxe  
Rock TortoiseSwordWind   
Sand Lizardman ISwordDaggerIceDark 
Sand Lizardman IISwordDaggerIceDark 
Sand Lizardman IIISpearDaggerLightningDark 
Sea Birdian ISwordSpearFireLightning 
Sea Birdian IISwordSpearFireLightning 
Sea Birdian IIISwordFireWind  
Sea SnakeSpearFire   
Shadow BatSwordSpearBowIce 
Shaggy MeepBowRodDark  
Shambling WeedSwordAxeFire  
Skulking FungoidSpearIce   
Skull RollerSpearIceDark  
Slayer BugSwordAxe   
Spud BugSwordDaggerFireLight 
Sticky SlugDaggerLight   
Tempest FalconSpearDaggerBowWind 
Thunder SentinelSwordSpearAxeRodWind
Thunder WispWindDark   
Two-Handed HatchlingSwordSpearAxe  
War DogAxeBowFireLightning 
Warrior WaspSwordSpearAxe  
Water WispSpearAxeFireLightning 
Wind WispLightningLight   

Octopath Traveler is exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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