Report – Leaked details confirm Devil May Cry 5, PS4 console exclusive

Normally we’d tell you to take leaked information with a grain of salt. However, this one comes straight from Resetera so we’d recommend lowering the sodium intake.

Not all the way mind you, but a bit more than usual.

The information had enough validity for the community to allow it on Resetera, so I’ve reported on what the leak entails here. There’s a lot of information so let’s dive in.

Devil May Cry 5

According to the leaked information, Devil May Cry 5 (stylised as Devil May Cry V) has been in development for over two years. It’s being developed by Hideaki Itsuno with a team that worked on previous DMC titles and Dragon’s Dogma

Devil May Cry 5 is apparently being developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Originally supposed to be revealed at PSX, it was pushed back after Sony received feedback on its lacklustre E3 showing in 2017. This lines up with information that was already rumoured

Capcom had planned to release Devil May Cry 5 in November 2018, but it may have been pushed back into Q1 2019. According to the information, Devil May Cry 5 will be a PS4 console exclusive with a PC release to follow sometime after the initial launch.

Rueben Langdon Johnny Young Bosch and Dan Southworth are all reprising their voice roles. Again, this lines up with information that had already been rumoured. The information in the leak claims that it’s unclear who will voice if Trish and Lady.

As for the story in Devil May Cry 5, it apparently picks up immediately after DMC4. Trish has a big role to play, but it’s unclear if she is playable. Dante and Nero will both be playable and that it’s likely Vergil is the third playable character.

Dante will be his most serious during Devil May Cry 5, though he will retain some of his playful nature. During the story, characters will switch at certain points and the narrative will focus on different sections.


It’s being claimed that the Prince of Darkness will return in Devil May Cry 5 which could mean the return of Mundus. It’s also claimed that Devil May Cry 5 could signal the end of the Son of Sparda storyline.

When it comes to the gameplay in Devil May Cry 5 hard lock on enemies comes standard and 60fps is being targeted. Levels will be more open than in previous games, but not too the level of Dark Souls or an open world game.

The level design and rhythm of Devil May Cry 5 is said to be similar to Bayonetta. Players will explore and then come across action set pieces. Devil May Cry 5 won’t feature QTEs though.

Devil May Cry 5 won’t feature a stamina bar but it will throw more enemies at the player than ever before. The information states that it isn’t a Musou game, but players should expect far more enemies than ever. 

There will be a new, dynamic camera system that will zoom out during combat to give players a better view of the action and animation and physics are being given priority.

Players should expect big dramatic boss fights with one claimed to cross multiple areas. The style system will make a return, though it has been reworked from DMC4. Enemies will react differently to each style and the streamlining should make it easier to understand.

The information claims that there will be lots of environmental interactivity and destruction which is being designed to aid combat and not detract from it. 


As always, all leaks and rumours shouldn’t be taken as gospel, but given the source on this one, it should definitely be given more credence. Devil May Cry 5 is a long-awaited title. Here’s hoping this info is accurate and we see it at E3 2018.

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