EA Motive has expanded to two offices, is hiring for Plants vs. Zombies, Star Wars and a new IP

EA Motive who assisted in the development of Star Wars Battlefront II and Visceral’s Star Wars title has officially expanded two a second office.

In a Tweet from Writer Mitch Dyer it was revealed that the studio had opened a new office and was hiring for development of Plants vs. Zombies, Star Wars and an unannounced new IP.

The Star Wars title referred to is the Visceral title, which was moved to EA’s other studios following Visceral’s closure.

EA Motive

Motive was founded by ex-Ubisoft exec Jade Raymond in 2015 and merged with BioWare Montreal in 2017.

The goal of Motive Studios was to create action-adventure titles and to help develop new IP for EA. So far, Motive has not released a title of its own, but with the news of this expansion, it certainly seems like we’ll see some games from Motive soon enough.

The Star Wars title that was in development at Visceral, codenamed Ragtag, was cancelled but was given over to other EA studios to be repurposed into other projects. 

One of these projects is the Star Wars title in development at Motive. It’s unclear what the Plants vs. Zombies title is, but the unannounced IP might be the game EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said has a “lot of new, interesting gameplay that I don’t think anyone’s seen ever seen before.”

For now, we’ll wait patiently, but it’s good news that the studio has expanded and is clearly doing so well.

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