The Maestros Preview

Recently, I had the chance to play in upcoming real-time strategy, The Maestros. I was able to take part in the closed beta for The Maestros which let me get a good feel for how the game is coming along.

I was pleased to discover a fast-paced RTS game with hybrid gameplay that takes elements from small-scale RTS and MOBA games.

The Maestros is a team based game with a Team Deathmatch win condition.  The first team to reach a certain number of enemies killed wins.

The Maestros Preview

Players are given a choice of Commanders. Each Commander has a unique style and abilities. The various Commanders allow for a variety of play. 

At the beginning of the match, players spawn with only their Commander in play. There’s no base building in The Maestros.

 In order to build an army, you need to kill the neutral monsters that spawn on the map. Doing so generates minions for your army.

These minions are the most basic little units that provide a little extra attack power and more importantly shield your commander.

The maps are reasonably large and quite easy to read, with the positions of neutral monsters marked out. The maps are also marked with the locations of the all-important transform pads.

In The Maestros, using the right transform pads at the right time seems to really be the key to victory.

There are various transform pads scattered across the map and each one can turn a handful of your base minions into various larger units with special abilities.

Like Chess, but Not

There are melee units, sniper units and other types in between. It’s important to scout out your enemies and seeing as every unit is mobile at all times a fair degree of micromanagement is required to really excel.

Visually, The Maestros is pretty simple but charming. Thankfully. the graphics are perfectly functional and likely to run on just about any system.

There is plenty of character to this promising title and it has solid gameplay which I’m sure will be appealing to the casual and competitive gamer alike. 

In the beginning, the learning curve is pretty easy, however, to master The Maestros may take some time.

I’m looking forward to seeing how The Maestros continues to develop as it approaches full release. 

The Maestros was previewed on PC using a digital code provided by the developer.

Luke Clarke
Luke Clarke
Games have always been a big part of my life in all types of formats. I'm just as happy with a deck of cards or a bunch of miniatures as I am with a keyboard and mouse or controller. Any game where there is a little teamwork happening is usually going be my favourite. I'm very partial to a good RTS, RPG or FPS session with friends, a beer and some decent music.

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