Watch 55-minutes of Vampyr gameplay footage with developer commentary

Thanks to Focus Home Interactive and developer DONTNOD we’ve got 55-minutes of Vampyr gameplay footage. The Vampyr gameplay footage comes via a recent Twitch stream which saw the devs discuss the game and answer questions from fans.

In the footage, which is taken from roughly six hours in, Jonathan Reid explores London and decides whether or not to feed on the citizens of the four districts.

Vampyr is releasing on June 5, so if you’d like to go in fresh you might want to skip this video. However, this Vampyr gameplay footage does give us our best look yet at the systems and mechanics of the game.

Vampyr Gameplay Footage

In Vampry, players will need to balance not only Reid’s health and hunger but the health of the four districts. If a district becomes to sick, it can be lost forever and players will be locked out from visiting.

Vampyr tries to include moral implications in its gameplay as players are able to view and experience the memories of NPCs. Once players know about these characters’ lives, will they still be able to drain their blood?

Additionally, players can use Reid’s skills as a doctor to heal the sick and give them a better life. However, if an NPC is healed, they provide a much tastier and rewarding snack for Reid.

Feeding on too many NPCs might mean a district is lost, so players will need to take a balanced approach. According to DONTNOD;

If this happens, it doesn’t mean game over! A player who loses all four districts can still complete Vampyr’s main story – though their recklessness will reward them with the ending they deserve.

Vampyr launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on June 5, 2018.

Watch Vampyr – Dev Session – Thursday May 17th 5PM CEST from FocusHomeInteractive on

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