PlayStation Australia puts a real-life Android in the streets to promote Detroit Become Human

With Detroit Become Human launching last week, PlayStation Australia decided to carry out a social experiment. Its goal was to determine how everyday people would react to a Detroit Become Human android appearing in real-life.

To achieve this, a special team was assembled to create a real-life Detroit Become Human android. The team was comprised of a trained actor and a renowned Australian special effects makeup studio.

The ‘android’ was then sent out to the public with two tasks to complete; walk the dog and order a coffee.

The reactions from the public are very telling.

Detroit Become Human Android in the wild

Reactions to the real-life Detroit Become Human android included curiosity, bewilderment and suspicion. You can watch the full video below which is actually a pretty interesting look at people’s reactions to the unknown.

Detroit Become Human is available now for PS4.

You can read my review here.

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