Is IO Interactive teasing a Hitman Season 2 announcement?

It’s not much to go on, but anything is better than nothing in this case. A tweet from the official Hitman Twitter account, suggests the possibility of a Hitman Season 2 announcement.

Hitman was released in 2016 and had new episodes released monthly. Six episodes were released after launch with nine total pieces of DLC released by November 2017.

Hitman Season 2

In June 2017, IO completed a management buyout from Square Enix and become a wholly independent company. Hitman Definitive Edition was published by Warner Bros and included all episodes and locations from Season One and all Game of the Year Edition content.

Having been two years since the release of Hitman, it really does seem like it’s time for Hitman Season 2. With E3 just around the corner, if IO was going to announce Season 2, now seems like a good time to start teasing it.

The tweet (below) includes a GIF of Agent 47 firing his gun, adjusting his cufflinks and walking away. The text reads, “Hmm, it’s Sunday – I’ll do it tomorrow..” This seems like a hint that IO is gearing up to announce something, but not just yet.

There has also been information from alleged insiders working on Hitman Season 2 localisation in China. In a post on Reddit, it’s claimed that on a forum in China, someone who claimed to be working on the Chinese localisation said: “the story of the second season is very exciting, so stay tuned.”

If this is true, which is a big if, it means that localisation work in underway. This, in turn, means that the development is nearly complete.

Hitman Season 2 isn’t in itself big news, as we assume it’s in the works thank to IO’s financial reports from recent months. However, it would be nice to get official confirmation and a release date.

Hitman Agent 47

Given that E3 is going to be dominated by major AAA titles, announcements and the like, it makes a lot of sense for IO to announce Hitman Season 2 ahead of time. By doing so, Hitman can be front and centre for a day or so instead of getting lost in the noise of E3 announcements.

Whether or not this is a tease for a Season 2 announcement remains to be seen. But let’s hope it is.

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