The new Iron Banner emote in Destiny 2 costs $10 and isn’t available elsewhere

The new Iron Banner emote in Destiny 2 is available for purchase from the Eververse. Guardians are able to pay 1100 Silver, which equates to about $10 USD and $14.95 AUD.

The Iron Banner Emote is “a limited-time bundle for Guardians who remember the Iron Lords” and is actually a pretty cool cosmetic add-0n. Fans are happy to be able to purchase an emote directly, rather than have to rely on RNG loot boxes.

However, you can’t please everyone because it turns out that the Iron Banner Emote is only available for purchase and won’t drop in any loot boxes.

Bungie confirmed that the emote is only available via purchase and not through gameplay.

Part of the problem is that fans see this as a move designed to generate revenue rather than as an olive branch to the fans who are still holding on and playing the game. It also means that it separates Guardians into groups who have and groups who have not. 

This happens with all Destiny content, but it usually means you need to grind for something. With this emote, the only way to own it is to spend real-world money.

As for the price, $10 USD is a huge cost for a single emote, whether or not it’s for the Iron Lords or not. In Australia, the price jumps to $14.95 AUD.

In any currency, the cost of the Iron Lord’s emote is half the cost of the expansion. That’s a steep ask. In principle, being able to purchase items directly from the Eververse is a good thing as it removes the randomness and frustration of getting duplicates.

However, the cost of this emote is too high, especially considering you can’t earn it any other way.

The Reddit community isn’t happy at all about this emote with one poster writing;

I’m saying is that this emote better have a chance to drop at the end of a match, or after you complete X amount of tasks, or something along those lines.

Locking it off behind a $10 paywall would be one of the dumbest moves to pull at this stage in the community/developer trust rebuilding.

This isn’t some random sparkly emote, this is the goddamned IRON LORDS WE’RE TALKING ABOUT.

What do you think? Is this a dumb move by Bungie or is this a move in the right direction?

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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