Gfinity Elite Series Australia kicks off next week

The Gfinity Elite Series Australia kicks off next week. This is the first city-based esports competition in Australia and has drafted 56 players into the six teams who will compete in the ‘Big Bash’ of Aussie esports.

Gfinity Elite Series Australia is the first esports competition in the country to draft players who will compete across Street Fighter VRocket League and CS: GO.

The six city-based teams that drafted players are the Perth Ground Zero, Sydney Roar, Melbourne Order, Brisbane Deceptors, Sydney Chiefs and Melbourne Avant. More than 90% of players who entered the draft were picked up by one of the six clubs.

Gfinity Elite Series Australia

Dominic Remond, Gfinity Esports Australia’s CEO said of the draft;

We’re proud to be providing opportunities for some of the most talented gamers in Australia to pull on a team jersey and represent the people of Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The Gfinity Elite Series Australia is about combining the experience of supporting your hometown club, with the incredible passion Australians have for playing games competitively at the highest level.

The top pick in the draft is Dom ‘Doom’ Wilson, who has an inspiring story, worthy of being shared. A Brisbane boy, Wilson has been picked up by the Sydney Chiefs. Growing up, Wilson played games with his parents and sister, which is where his love of games was developed.

Now, Wilson is a full-time carer for his mother and will have his family in the crowd when he takes the stage and achieves his lifelong goal.

My folks are going to be in the crowd. That’s the dream right? Having your family among the supporters to cheer you on

Three players drafted by Melbourne Avant are amateurs who had previously played Rocket League together. “ZeN”, “Plitz”, and “Sammy” were able to demonstrate great teamwork and communication despite being amateurs and were picked up for the Gfinity Elite Series Australia.

Redmond believes that the drafting of players is a key reason why the Gfinity Elite Series Australia will resonate with fans.

Aussies love a good underdog story and the Challenger series has allowed plenty of these dark horse players to rise through the ranks and make a name for themselves.

Traditional sports such as cricket have always fostered young and amateur players as a way of scouting future talent, and we feel this model translates perfectly to esports.

Sixty-one players entered the draft and 56 were selected by the six teams. These extended rosters allow for strategic replacement of players or for other reasons as they arise.

The Gfinity Elite Series Australia will commence on June 2, 2018, and will be played in front of fans and broadcast live at the state of the art Gfinity Hoyts Esports Arena in Sydney.

You can tune in on the Gfinity Elite Series Australia Twitch Channel.

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