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Square Enix reveals details of its E3 Showcase

Square Enix reveals details of its E3 Showcase

The Square Enix E3 Showcase has been announced. It will take place in June and will be streamed in both English and Japanese and will be available on a multitude of streaming platforms.

Square Enix E3 Showcases have been a staple of E3 for several years now and provide a good look at upcoming titles from the publisher. Given the games we now are in development we’re likely going to get a look at them.

However, given that Microsoft and Sony both have their own press conferences, the big games from Square Enix will probably have a presence there as well.

Square Enix E3 Showcase

The Showcase will take place on;

  • Monday June 11 at 10 AM PDT
  • Monday June 11  at 6 PM BST
  • Monday June 11 at 7 PM CEST
  • Tuesday June 12 at 2 AM JST
  • Tuesday June 12 at 3 AM AEST 

To watch the Square Enix E3 Showcase you can head to the official website, YouTube, Twitch or Mixer.

Upcoming games from Square Enix include;

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Dragon Quest XI
  • Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • The Avengers Project
  • Left Alive

Given the hype behind Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the marketing we’ve seen thus far, we’re likely to see it at Microsoft’s press conference. Square Enix has said that we’ll see The Avengers Project at E3 so it’ll definitely be at Square Enix’s E3 Showcase.

Once it’s unveiled we’ll see whether or not it’s a Destiny style game as I predicted.

As for the others, it’s hard to know. Given the supposed issues surrounding Final Fantasy VII Remake, it isn’t likely to appear at all. As for Kingdom Hearts 3, given Sony has said it’s only focusing on first-party titles it could appear at either Square Enix or Microsoft’s conferences.

Whatever happens, it’ll certainly be exciting and I can’t wait to get a better look at Square Enix’s games.