Turok 2 was just rated in Australia for Xbox One, Australian release incoming

Turok 2 was released on Xbox One in March 2, 2018, except Australia, wasn’t one of the regions to receive the game. Thankfully, that looks as though it’s about to change.

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil was just classified by the Australian Classification Board which suggests that a release on Xbox Live is imminent.

The Turok 2 remaster on Xbox One was developed by Nightdive Studios who even managed to locate the original source code for the game.

Turok 2 Release in Australia on Xbox One

Before Turok 2 was released in other regions for Xbox One, it was rated by PEGI back in January. Hopefully, the delay between rating and release in Australia is significantly shorter.

There are ways around the lack of release in Australia, but with Turok 2 coming to Australia on Xbox One, it’ll be much easier to buy and download.

According to Samuel Villarreal from Nightdive;

Both Turok titles were remastered using our custom KEX engine. There were a few things that I ended up regretting. For one, I got too ambitious with the renderer and ended up wishing that I had kept things simpler.

I wanted to figure out how to implement screen-space reflections. It seemed like a really cool idea, and then I found out that it really only looked good on the water scenes. We may end up using this tech on future games.

Villarreal also said that working on Turok 2 was “uncharted territory” and he was “pleasantly surprised” that the port went off without a hitch. He says that Nightdive will be bringing more classics to Xbox One in future.

Turok 2 has been rated MA15+ in Australia violence, themes and online interactivity.

The release date remains a mystery, but we’ve reached out to Microsoft and will let you know what we find out.

Turok 2 is available on Xbox One in regions other than Australia.

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