Report – Battlefield 2018 is Battlefield Bad Company 3

Take this one with a grain of salt, but it’s being reported that Battlefield 2018 is actually Battlefield Bad Company 3

The report/rumour comes by way of a tweet from a DICE LA employee Abbas Al-Rubaie. After the tweet gained some traction, Al-Rubaie deleted it and made his Twitter account private, which suggests that his tweet was legitimate and that he should not have posted it. 

You can view a screenshot of his tweet below, but it simply read;

battlefield 2018 😉 is BC3

Al-Rubaie included a tweet from Battlefield Russia sharing reviews of Bad Company 2.

Battlefield 2018 – Battlefield Bad Company 3

Al-Rubaie’s tweet aligns with reports from YouTuber AlmightyDaq. AlmightyDaq leaked a tonne of Battlefield 1 information in 2016 which largely turned out to be true, so he has a track record on this stuff.

AlmightyDaq’s claims about Battlefield 2018 are that it will be Battlefield Bad Company 3. According to AlmightyDaq this iteration of Battlefield will be set during the Vietnam war, however, all other reports and rumours about Battlefield 2018 suggest it will be set during WWII.

While some fans have suggested that setting Battlefield Bad Company 3 during WWII wouldn’t make sense, others have reminded them that Bad Company 2 included a mission set in WWII and had a whole subplot about that war.

The inclusion of WWII weapons in Battlefield 1 in recent times also has the hallmarks of a tease for a WII set Battlefield Bad Company 3. Towards the end of Hardline’s life, weapons from World War I began to appear in-game. This was a clear tease for Battlefield 1 and with WWII weapons now appearing in Battlefield 1, it may be the same type of tease again.

It may seem the Al-Rubaie is not a trustworthy or reliable source, but his Twitter account is followed by the official Battlefield Twitter account. You can see an image proving this below.

It’s also been claimed that Al-Rubaie is followed by numerous EA DICE Developers, though there is no proof of this. 

Other reasons that this tweet and the claim that Battlefield Bad Company 3 is coming in 2018 is the timeline for development. DICE LA began work on Bad Company 3 after completing work on Battlefield 4. With so much time having past since then it makes sense that Bad Company 3 would be ready to be released.

In any case, this report remains entirely unconfirmed and will likely stay that way until EA and DICE are ready to announce this year’s Battlefield.

What do you think of these rumours?

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