CliffyB wants to see Radical Heights released on Xbox One

Boss Key Productions’ Radical Heights is still in X-Treme Early Access on PC. While it hasn’t been a runaway success like Fortnite or PUBG, it has managed to find a player base. Albeit a small one.

With Microsoft supporting Early Access on the Xbox One, it makes sense for Boss Key to release Radical Heights on Xbox One. And it seems like that’s what it intends to do.

Tweets between Major Nelson, CliffyB and Mike Ybarra seem to indicate that the 80’s themed Battle Royale game might make its way to console.

Radical Heights Xbox One

Major Nelson first tweeted to CliffyB about how much he enjoys Radical Heights and Bleszinski replied saying that Boss Key wants the game on Xbox One.

Corporate Vice President – Gaming at Xbox Mike Ybarra then jumped into the conversation to let Bleszinski know that publishing games to Xbox One is relatively easy. According to Ybarra;

Finally, Major Nelson follows up and linked to the Xbox Creator’s Program. Now, I’m not too sure, but I don’t think this is the way Bleszinski and Boss Key want to release Radical Heights on Xbox One. 

I’m merely speculating, but the winky-face and thumbs up emojis suggest that Bleszinski would prefer to enter into a marketing agreement with Microsoft for Radical Heights on Xbox One. And why wouldn’t he? With support from Xbox, Radical Heights could generate some interest and developer a playerbase on the console.

Ybarra’s tweet suggests that Microsoft isn’t interested in Radical Heights and it reads like a bit of a burn. Additionally, Microsoft is heavily invested in PUBG on Xbox One, so there’s almost no chance it would want to support a competing product. Especially one like Radical Heights with a controversial figurehead like Bleszinksi.

Would you play Radical Heights on Xbox One?

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