Shanelle Gray confirms Larxene will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3

Not long ago we learned that James Woods was reprising his role as Hades in Kingdom Hearts 3. Today, another voice actor has confirmed their involvement.

Voice actor Shanelle Gray, known for Larxene in Kingdom Hearts and Pasadena Possum in Crash Team Racing, confirmed that she would be reprising her role as Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Gray is also a television and film actress who has appeared in many movies and TV shows.

Larxene Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts fan @sobpar on Instagram send a direct message to Gray, asking if she was playing Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 3. Gray’s response was one word; ‘Yes!’ confirming her involvement in the upcoming game.

Larxene, the Savage Nymph is the only female member of Organisation XIII and is Rank XII. She uses lightning to electrify knives to use against her enemies. 

What Larxene’s role will be in Kingdom Hearts 3 is unknown as is the status of Organisation XIII and its role in the game.

While Larxene’s appearance and Gray’s involvement in Kingdom Hearts 3 have not been confirmed by Square Enix, it’s pretty unlikely that Gray would make the story up.

We’ll wait for official confirmation, but this is looking like the real thing.

What do you expect from Kingdom Hearts 3?

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