Unannounced Blizzard title is a PvP focused FPS

An unannounced Blizzard title is in development and it appears to be a PvP focused, first-person shooter. A job listing for the unannounced Blizzard title has been posted and it gives lots of insight into the project.

The position is for a Senior/Principle Game Designer and it provides new information on top of that which has already been discovered. Previous job listings have provided details on the unannounced title which is a competitive PvP FPS built on a proprietary engine.

Blizzard’s job listings are separated into sections by game and sequels have usually appeared under the original game’s job page. This also occurred with Diablo 4 most recently. So, it’s unlikely that this game is Overwatch 2.

Unannounced Blizzard Title

This latest job listing confirms that the unannounced title is a first-person shooter as well as a competitive PvP based title. We also learned that the title will feature characters who have powers and abilities, it will feature units and usable vehicles.

All of the information gleaned from the job postings thus far is;

  • Multiple job openings have been posted for the unannounced title
  • The title is a first-person shooter
  • It’s a competitive, PvP game
  • Characters in the game use weapons as well as abilities and powers
  • Vehicles can be used by the player
  • Characters in the game include humanoids and other organics
  • ‘Units’ will appear in the game
  • The unannounced title will include multiple modes
  • Developed using a proprietary engine, which is assumed to be the Overwatch engine

It’s important to note that Blizzard has been hiring for this title since November 2016 which means that we might be close to having it revealed. Fans are speculating about it being a Battle Royale game, though since it’s been in development for so long, it’s unlikely it began that way. 

It may include a Battle Royale mode, though there is no evidence either way.

There are other suggestions that it could be an extension of Overwatch or a single-player expansion. Again, this is unknown and pure speculation at this point. However, given how popular Overwatch has become it wouldn’t be surprising if Blizzard expanded into single-player, story content in that universe.

Others still are hoping this unannounced title is set in the StarCraft universe and is a game in the vein of Battlefield.

For now, we can sit back and speculate as much as we like, but we won’t know for sure until it’s announced.


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