ARMS 5.3 update is available now, adds a Dashboard with rankings and more

ARMS 5.3 update is now available and it brings with it a host of big changes. ARMS 5.3 update’s biggest change is the addition of an all-new Dashboard that gives players a tonne of visual feedback and information.

The ARMS Dashboard includes online rankings, video on demand, tips and tricks for new players, specific strategies for each character and online tournament info.

ARMS continues to go from strength-to-strength and Nintendo’s continues support goes to show how successful it is.

ARMS 5.3 Update

The online rankings as part of the new Dashboard can be sorted Globally, by Region, by character and more. The info lets you know which players are the best and which characters are most used and most successful.

These leaderboards allow players to explore data on ARMS players and to get an idea about who might be the best character to use. It also lets them know who the best of the best are and may let them follow their favourite player more closely.

The video on demand section of the Dashboard includes a huge number of clips to help new players get up to speed quickly. Videos include how to land and avoid attacks, how the Rush gauge works and more.

ARMS Dashboard

Another catalogue of videos provides more detailed analysis of each fighter and techniques for how to get the best out of them. Players will need to have a grasp on the basics of ARMS to get the most of these videos. 

But that’s why Nintendo has included the basics and advanced techniques together on the Dashboard.

Finally, players will be able to watch clips from recent ARMS tournaments of official matches. By combining the leaderboards and the tournament clips, Nintendo has created a mini-esports hub for ARMS and its fans.

Here’s hoping we get more updates to ARMS like this one and Nintendo continues to push the esports side of its titles.

ARMS is exclusive to Nintendo Switch.



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