Leaked images reportedly from Animal Crossing Switch appear online

Usually, when leaked screenshots appear online, you can tell whether or not they’re fake right away. A couple of leaked screenshots reported to be from Animal Crossing Switch have surfaced. 

To me, they look pretty fake, but just in case they aren’t we’ve posted them here for you to examine. 

Animal Crossing Switch Screenshots

There are two images that have been published which claim to be from Animal Crossing Switch. The first is above and is a blurry, off-screen image showing the game’s title-screen, Nintendo copyright and a Joy-Con Grip in the foreground.

The title of the game is Animal Crossing Globetrotter and the copyright is for 2018. However, the image is blurry and distorted and the section reading Globetrotter looks to be from an entirely different image altogether. 

For my money, this image isn’t legit. The words underneath the Animal Crossing logo just don’t match up and if the person taking the picture could pose with the Joy-Cons, surely they could get an image that wasn’t blurry.

When will we see Animal Crossing Switch?

The second of the two images is above and shows the villager in front of what looks to be a restaurant. The image is also being displayed on the Switch’s screen in handheld mode. 

Of the two images, this one is certainly more credible, though it still doesn’t really present itself as being real very well. The image is, again, blurry and of poor quality. The person who took this picture clearly had time to set the Switch console down, so why is the image quality so bad?

The visuals on screen do look to be of a higher quality than we’ve seen in other Animal Crossing games though and does look to have a nice, cartoon shaded look.

Both of these screenshots aren’t entirely convincing, though they’re not entirely unconvincing either. 

We’ve posted them here so you could take a look and make up your own mind.

Let us know in the comments; Animal Crossing Switch screenshots, real or fake?

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