Far Cry Arcade requires PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold

Far Cry 5 comes packing the incredible Far Cry ArcadeHowever, as Far Cry Arcade is an online mode, you might be wondering if you’re able to play it without a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription.


Unfortunately, the answer seems to be in the negative.

Some parts of Far Cry Arcade clearly falls within the requirements of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, but others seem a bit iffy.

Far Cry Arcade PlayStation Plus & Xbox Live Gold

Far Cry Arcade includes competitive multiplayer, solo and co-op scenarios and a map editor. 

It makes sense that co-op and multiplayer are locked out for players who don’t have PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. However, locking the solo scenarios and map editor from these players seems heavy handed.

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold are long-established parts of the online experience on Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. These subscriptions are required to access certain features of games. In most cases, online multiplayer requires a subscription.

What is a little surprising is that players without PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold are locked out from Far Cry Arcade altogether.

No Far Cry Arcade for you

Those players without a subscription will find themselves unable to even access the community, browse created maps or create their own. This seems to go against the established order of these things, at least on PS4.

LittleBigPlanet 3 lives and dies by its community. A PlayStation Plus subscription is required to play multiplayer, it’s not necessary for accessing maps or creating and uploading your own.

So why is it required in Far Cry Arcade?

I don’t know, but there’s an obvious answer. As Far Cry 5 is always online and the Far Cry Arcade is an extension of this, it was easier for Ubisoft to simply lock all online content out for those without a subscription.

I don’t think this is the right way to have gone about it, but for now, it seems like if you don’t have a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription, Far Cry Arcade is off-limits.


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