Far Cry 5 – What is Far Cry Arcade?

Far Cry 5 is here and while we have got plenty of coverage for you, this is where you’ll find out just what is Far Cry Arcade.

While Far Cry Arcade was revealed a few weeks back, it’s difficult to get a grasp for just how deep it runs until you play it.

Far Cry Arcade is where you’ll find multiplayer, the much-loved map editor and the all-new Solo and Co-op levels.

What is Far Cry Arcade?

To access Far Cry Arcade you can choose it from the main menu when starting the game. You can access it from the Online menu while playing or you can use one of the in-game arcade machines or posters to launch Far Cry Arcade.

Once inside, you’ll be given the option to launch Far Cry Arcade or open the Arcade Editor.

On the first screen in Far Cry Arcade, you can choose to play solo or co-op, multiplayer or browse maps. In solo or co-op, you’ll be shown a variety of featured and highly rated maps created by both Ubisoft and fans.


These maps come with a variety of objectives and scenarios, but basically, boil down to four different ways to play;

  • OUTPOST: kill all the enemies in their outpost. You might have to complete the outpost without being detected, or without triggering alarms that can call in reinforcements.
  • ASSAULT: kill every enemy on the map. New enemies might arrive in waves. The map is won when the last enemy is killed.
  • BOUNTY HUNT: kill all the marked targets on the map, and then make your way to the extraction zone.
  • JOURNEY: from your starting location, make your way to the exit. Maps might focus more on exploration than combat.

In addition to the four game types, there are also a range of modifiers that can be applied.

  • Score to reach
  • Countdown
  • Loadout creation
  • One shot kills
  • Modified jump height
  • Modified gravity
  • Invincible
  • One shot kills enemy
  • Infinite ammo

Playing these maps is an affair of wildly varying quality, though it’s early days and once the map creation community gets behind it, there’s going to be a tsunami of new maps and scenarios to play.

Playing the maps earns you cash too and allows you to purchase perks. Your character’s progression carries over between Far Cry Arcade and Far Cry 5. It’s a good, quick and easy way to earn lots of cash for use in the main game.


Multiplayer in Far Cry Arcade comes in two flavours;

  • DEATHMATCH: a classic free-for-all experience for up to 12 players. Highest score in the time limit wins the match.
  • TEAM DEATHMATCH: two teams of up to 6 players each face off against each other. The highest scoring team in the time limit wins the match.

Like in solo and co-op, multiplayer features maps created by Ubisoft and the community. You’re able to create a party to team up with your friends, or you can play with random other players.

Both solo, co-op and multiplayer have a second mode dubbed ‘Hero.’ In this mode, you play random scenarios, maps and levels in order to help rate them. By doing so, you gain double Far Cry Arcade experience, which levels you up faster and earns you more rewards.

Far Cry Arcade Editor

The Far Cry Arcade Editor is where you can create your ideal Far Cry map or scenario.

As described above, there are four different scenarios for solo/co-op with a huge range of modifiers and the ability to fully customise the weapon loadouts.

In the pre-release period, there were already plenty of great maps. There were prison breaks, Waterworld homages, insane Kafka-esque Dali inspired nightmares.

If you can imagine it, you will probably be able to build it in Far Cry Arcade. It’s also not just Far Cry that you’ll find in the editor. There are over 9000 items and objects in Far Cry Arcade with more to be added as DLC is released.

The objects are from Ubisoft titles;

  • Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag
  • Assassin’s Creed: Unity
  • Watch Dogs
  • Far Cry 4
  • Far Cry Primal
  • Far Cry 5

To play Far Cry Arcade you’ll need an internet connection, though you can use the Arcade Editor if you’re offline.

Far Cry Arcade is the cherry on top of the delicious sundae that is Far Cry 5. Once you’ve gotten through the story and finished everything you can, you can just jump into one of the infinite scenarios made for the Arcade.

Far Cry Arcade means you’ll never run out of Far Cry 5 and that’s a very good thing indeed.

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