It looks like the Metal Gear Solid Movie is still in production

Development on the Metal Gear Solid movie appears to be cotinuing, despite very little information coming to light. Last year it was revealed that Sony Pictures had selected Kong: Skull Island Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to helm the project.

Later in 2017, news came to light that Safety Not Guaranteed Writer Derek Connolly had been brought on board to take a pass at the latest draft of the script. 

Since then, no news of any real value has been announced or revealed regarding the Metal Gear Solid movie.

Until now.

Metal Gear Solid Movie

Some clever intenet sleuthing has revealed that the project appears to be very much in production and that things are progressing as of March 2018.

Freelance Artist Nivanh Chanthara changed his profile picture to the FOX logo on Saturday, March 24, 2018. In an earlier Facebook post from March 23, Chanthara vaguely posted about having had good luck.

When questioned by a friend what he was celebrating, Chanthara replied “Ask Ben.”

One of Chanthara’s Facebook friends is Ben Mauro, who on March 20, posted that he’d started a new job at Sony Pictures as you can see below. The status update also includes “Metal Gear Solid” and “Dir: Jordan Vogt-Roberts.”

Both Mauro and Chanthara are Freelance Artists and when browsing their portfolio’s, their artistic style certainly seems suited to Metal Gear Solid.

Unfortunately, that’s about as far down the rabbit-hole this particular thread goes, but it certainly seems to prove that the Metal Gear Solid movie is still something that’s happening. 

As to which game the movie will be based on, who’ll be playing Snake or any other concrete information, we’ll all just have to be patient. 

Here’s hoping the Metal Gear Solid movie is better than the rest of the videogame movies that have been made.

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