The WipEout Omega Collection VR update is free and available now

Senior Producer at Sony XDev Europe, John McLaughlin has announced that the free WipEout Omega Collection VR update is available now.

The free WipEout Omega Collection VR update allows players to easily and quickly experience the thrill of fast-paced, anti-gravity racing in full VR.

After updating the WipEout Omega Collection, players simply need to boot up the game, turn on their PSVR headset and watch as the menu becomes an immersive VR experience.


And it doesn’t stop at the menu. The VR update includes a host of features to make racing WipEout Omega Collection in VR truly breathtaking.

WipEout Omega Collection VR update

The entire game is playable in VR and players can choose any game mode to play in. Players with VR will also get three exclusive VR ships; one for each 2048, Fury and HD.

In addition to the visuals being given the VR treatment, when playing with the VR headset, players will experience true 3D audio. McLaughlin says that playing in VR with 3D audio is “the most immersive way to play WipEout.”

Also included with the free WipEout Omega Collection VR update is a remix of “Shake It” by competition winner Vieille Griffe.

The free update is available today and it is a 5.4GB download.

WipEout Omega Collection is exclusive to PS4.

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