MLB The Show 18 release date revealed, coming this month exclusive to PS4

Sony has announced the MLB The Show 18 release date and it’s just around the corner. Coming to PS4 this month, MLB The Show 18 is making some big changes to ensure it’s the best experience possible. 

The MLB The Show 18 release date coincides with the announcement of updates to the title which should alleviate fan concerns.

MLB The Show 18 Release Date

Coming exclusively to PS4, MLB The Show 18 is launching on March 23. In addition to revealing the date, Steve Merka, Senior Game Designer, Sony San Diego Studios also announced the following;

  • Removal of microtransactions from MLB The Show 18
  • New Archetypes
  • New Attribute Caps
  • Focus Training
  • On-field play feeds into attributes

By removing microtransactions, San Diego Studios has ensured that players maximise their playtime and the gains made through play. Players won’t have to spend real-world money to purchase Training Points in order to improve their players. 

San Diego Studios is hoping this leads to a better, purer experience. 

With regard to Archetypes and Attribute Caps, Merka says;

All created players in the game will have an Archetype that reflects the various types of players found in baseball, making the game more believable and realistic. Every Archetype has strengths and a weakness.

Some Archetypes may have big power potential at the sacrifice of speed, while others will be insanely fast, but lack the ability to go deep.

There will also be Attribute Caps where limitations are placed on how powerful Archetypes can be in certain attributes.

Finally, San Diego Studios worked with professional players to help create a more authentic experience. Player progression is now tailored to feel more like it should for a mid-to-late draft pick. An updated minimalist UI also creates a better experience for players.

MLB The Show 18 will be available for PS4 on March 23.

It will be available both in-store and digitally in three different editions.

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