Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice has been reclassified in Australia, is it coming to Xbox One?

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade has recently been reclassified in Australia. The reclassification hasn’t changed the rating but it does suggest a re-release. Our best theory is that a release of Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice on Xbox One is imminent.

Hellblade was released in August 2017 and within three months had sold over 500,000 copiesHellblade was released independently by developer Ninja Theory and was available digitally on PC and PS4. 

A physical release was not offered for Hellblade, nor was it released for Xbox One. That might be all about to change.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice on Xbox One

Due to the overwhelming success of Hellblade, an Xbox One release seems a certainty. Ninja Theory announced that Hellblade had turned a profit after three months instead of the projected six to nine months.

It was also the best selling game on the PlayStation Store in Europe in August 2017.

With Hellblade being so successful and turning a profit so quickly, Ninja Theory has likely been able to turn its attention to releasing it on Xbox One.

Ninja Theory has previously released its titles (except Heavenly Sword) for Xbox platforms and releasing Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice on Xbox One allows a broader audience to gain access.

Hellblade for Nintendo Switch?

Hellblade being reclassified also suggests that a release for the Nintendo Switch may be in the works. However, in an old interview with GameInformer, Tameem Antoniades states that a release on Nintendo’s platform is unlikely.

While it would be incredible to be able to play Hellblade on Switch, playing it in handheld mode would cause it to lose some of its impact.

Not to mention that the Switch would probably struggle to render Hellblade in as much gorgeous detail as the existing PC and PS4 versions.

That’s not to say it’s impossible, though Ninja Theory isn’t known for releasing titles for Nintendo.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice on Xbox One would be a boon for Xbox players. It’s one of the best experiences of this generation and is definitely worth playing.

We’ve reached out to Ninja Theory for comment and will update this post accordingly.

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