The Sea Of Thieves Final Beta is on this weekend

Ok, you can all stop trawling the webcache now. It’s officially announced. Microsoft and Rare have announced that the Sea of Thieves final beta is open from March 10 AEDT and March 9 GMT. The Sea of Thieves final beta is open to all Xbox Live players on PC and Xbox One.

The Sea of Thieves final beta is open from March 10 in Australia and will remain open until 9pm AEDT, Sunday March 11, 10AM GMT, 6AM EDT, 3AM PDT, 11am CET. Players will need an Xbox Live Gold account on Xbox One to play and an Xbox Live account on both platforms to play on PC.

Sea of Thieves Final Beta

In this final beta, players will get a chance to try Gold Hoarders as well as Merchant Alliance voyages for the first time.

The final beta will also introduce the emergent opportunity for a Skeleton Fort to be occupied.

Watch out for that tell-tale Skull Cloud above a fort which indicates the chance of great rewards but also great risk. Will other players have seen it?

Or might they even be there already? Will you work together or against each other? We can’t wait to watch and find out.

Those players fortunate enough to be playing on an Xbox One X will be pleased to know that One X enhancements are available for the Sea of Thieves final beta.

Because this final beta is open to all players, Microsoft and Rare have cautioned that there may be a queue for players entering the game. Stay up to date with the status of the beta on the official website.

Players can also stay informed by following Sea of Thieves on Twitter.

Sea of Thieves launches for Xbox one on March 20.

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