Blizzard adds Overwatch LFG to the official forums

With the increase in mutliplayer, co-operative and online games, websites offering ‘looking for group’ or LFG services have exploded. Not one to be left behind, Blizzard has added an Overwatch LFG to the official forums.

An LFG is a place where players looking for others with specific games or goals in mind can do so. An Overwatch LFG lets players find unique groups of players and classes.

So far, the posts on the Overwatch LFG are players seeking to rank up in competitive or players looking for DPS or healers and the like.

Overwatch LFG

There are already plenty of unofficial and 3rd party Overwatch LFG sites available to players. The launch of an Overwatch LFG on the official forums will ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Blizzard is keen to ensure the official Overwatch LFG is a friendly and helpful place. In that vein, it has created an extensive list of rules and guidelines for LFG users.

Overwatch LFG Guidelines

We encourage you to use this forum to network with other players and find fellow community members to play Overwatch with.

PLEASE NOTE: Users who troll, harass, or try to incite nonconstructive discourse will be suspended.

Respect and courtesy are a requirement for this discussion. This is for the benefit of all participants on this forum.

In a continued effort to mitigate toxicity in-game and on the forums, users who are penalized or silenced in the game for negative conduct will find their posting privileges revoked throughout the duration of their penalty.

On this new platform, the Community team and moderators will be working to foster an atmosphere for constructive discussion and debate. Users who participate on the forums will be accountable to the Code of Conduct, which can be found here: Code of Conduct

The official Overwatch LFG on the forums is split into three groups;

If you’re not able to find friends to play with or you’re just looking to meet some new players then the Overwatch LFG on the official forums is a good place to start.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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