The Overwatch League welcomes its first female player

The Shangai Dragons have made Overwatch League history today. The team announced on Twitter that it was adding four new players to its roster, including Overwatch League’s first female player.

Kim ‘Geguri’ Se-Yeon is 19 years old and has been the subject of speculation regarding the league for some time.

As the Overwatch League’s first female player, Geguri will join the Shanghai Dragons with three other players in the hopes of reversing the team’s fortunes.

Kim ‘Geguri’ Se-Yeon

Geguri is well known in the competitive Overwatch scene. As a Zarya main, her skills are the stuff of legend. At one point, her win rate with Zarya reached a staggering 80% earning her the title of ‘World’s Best Zarya.’

In addition to her insane Zarya skills, Geguri is also a capable D.Va and Roadhog player. She will provide much-needed tank support for the Shanghai Dragons when she joins as the Overwatch League’s first female player in Stage 2.

In addition to Geguri, the Shanghai Dragons are also adding He “Sky” Junjian, a support main, Lee “Fearless” Eui-Seok, a tank main and Chon “Ado” Gi-Hyeon, 19, a DPS main.

In a statement released on Twitter, the Shanghai Dragons wrote;

The Shanghai Dragons look forward to tackling the core problems of the team with the help of these new signings, as well as showcasing more competitiveness in skills and tactics with better performances in the matches ahead.

We are also working on a player selection policy for Chinese professionals for Season 2. By then, there will be a transparent and comprehensive selection method, which will guarantee a fair and just selection process for the opportunity to compete on a global esports stage.


The team is clearly focused on improving in Stage 2 and is looking to new talent and strategies to help them do so.

The Shanghai Dragons are now actively working to bring the four players to the United States. We are securing visas and communicating league rules, as well as providing language assistance, professional education, and logistical support.

All members of the Shanghai Dragons will work together to help the four new players adjust to the high-intensity competition of the Overwatch League, so that they can show their best form and level of play.

The Shanghai Dragons first Stage of the Overwatch League has not gone well. Losing all 10 matches in the first Stage, Shanghai finished at the bottom of the ladder.

These new additions could certainly help the team step up and be more successful in Stage 2.

If Geguri’s Zarya skills are anything to go by, Shanghai is on the right path.

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