This fan-made checklist helps you keep track of you armour in Breath of the Wild

Avid Breath of the Wild fan and player and Reddit user leojesus has created a nifty checklist for the game. The website they’ve created is a tracker which helps players identify which pieces of armour they’ve acquired. Basically, it’s an online Breath of the Wild armour checklist.

Breath of the Wild includes a staggering number of pieces of armour and equipment, so this list is incredibly handy for keeping track. It’s not just a simple list though. The website will also tell you how much of each of the armour materials you’ll need to upgrade any piece. You can even select which level you’ve already upgraded to in order to find out how many materials you’ll need.


Using the Breath of the Wild armour checklist

Creator of the Breath of the Wild armour checklist leojesus has made it really simple to find the armour you’re looking for. There’s a handy search function which you can filter by those you have acquired, amiibo only and even the armour still yet to be fully upgraded.

The Breath of the Wild armour checklist will save your changes locally while you’re using it. When you return to the site later, your armour and upgrade progress should be intact.


With so many pieces of armour and equipment in Breath of the Wild, we have to take our hats off to leojesus for creating the tracker.

Breath of the Wild is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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