The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Guide – How to Farm Royal Bows and Broadswords

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you could make do with you Traveler’s or Knight’s Broadsword. Why should you though?

Why should you, when instead, you could be trekking around Hyrule with a Royal Broadsword or Broadswords. Using our easy guide, we’ll show you how to farm Royal Bows and Broadswords so you never need to use anything else.


Royal Broadsword

The Hyrulean royal family would award this sword to Knights who achieved remarkable feats. A sword that balances strength and beauty as elegantly as this one is a rare find.

The Royal Broadsword has a base stat of 36 attack, which is really high compared to most of the weapons you acquire early on. It’s more than double the Knight’s Broadsword and seven times stronger than a Traveler’s Broadsword.

It also lasts a lot longer in combat. Aside from how it performs, it also looks really great featuring a blue handle and gold hilt.


Royal Bow

In the past, the king of Hyrule presented this bow to only the most talented archers in the land. Its combat capabilities are as impressive as its extravagant design.

The Royal Bow has a base stat of 38 attack. Again, this is way higher than anything you will usually find early on. Lasting longer and having a far stronger attack stat than either the Soldier’s or Knight’s Bows, the Royal Bow also looks the part.

Like the Royal Broadsword, the Bow is Gold and Blue and features the iconic Zelda logo wings.


How to Farm the Broadsword and Bow

Both the Royal Broadsword and Bow can be found in the same place. They’re both really easy to get and they can be farmed multiple times.


Herin Lake

To find both weapons, head to Herin Lake in the south-east of Hyrule. It’s directly east of the Ka’o Makagh Shrine and west of the Lakeside Stable. Right in the center of the lake is a sleeping Hinox. Around his neck is — you guessed it — a Royal Bow and a Royal Broadsword.


As we’ve detailed in another post there are several ways to easily nab the items from a Hinox without fighting them. You can paraglide, fight or steal the items. However you want to take care of the Hinox is up to you.

After you’ve acquired the Bow and Broadsword from Herin Lake’s Hinox, whether you kill it or not, just wait for the next Blood Moon.


The Blood Moons in Breath of the Wild not only make all enemies tougher for a short time. They also make all enemies respawn. This includes replacing any items you’ve stolen from a Hinox, whether it died or not.

After the Blood Moon has passed, head back to Herin Lake and steal the Royal Bow and Broadsword again. There is no limit to how many times you can do this, so if you like, you can have an entire inventory of only Royal Weapons.

If you like our guide, make sure you check out our Master Sword and Hinox Guides and our review of Breath of the Wild.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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