Real-life Mario Kart will be racing to Melbourne and Sydney this year courtesy of Mushroom Racing

Everyone’s been sat in traffic wishing they could fire off a green or red shell and clear the cars in your way. And while that wish may never be a real possibility, thanks to Mushroom Racing, Mario Kart fans will get to experience the next best thing. Real-life Mario Kart is coming to Melbourne and Sydney.

The event organisers, Mushroom Racing, is describing real-life Mario Kart as Go-Karting with a twist. Participants will, on their race day, be able to choose their favourite character and race dressed up as them. The racing will feature multiple courses and drivers will have the chance to win prizes by collecting stars.

Real Life Mario Kart – Melbourne, Sydney

Mushroom Racing is advising that tickets to the event are incredibly limited and those who are interested can sign up here. Real life Mario Kart has been available in Japan thanks to MariCAR for a few years. Racers taking part in MariCAR get to drive around the streets of Akihabara, Tokyo’s electronics district.

It’s not clear if Mushroom Racing will feature courses that take place on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney. It’s likely that the events will take place at existing race tracks to avoid the dangers of traffic and road accidents.

Real-life Mario Kart heads to Melbourne and Sydney thanks to Mushroom Racing soon.

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