Here’s some footage of DOOM running on Switch and PS4 for comparison

DOOM is now available for Nintendo Switch. It’s an impressive technical effort to see the game ported to the Switch.

But how different does it look when compared other versions?

Switch on the Left. PS4 on the right

In the video above we’ve captured the opening of DOOM on both PS4 and Switch. We’ve put them together for comparison. The video opens with them split side-by-side, then shifts to focus solely on Switch. We then show PS4 footage on its own before returning to a picture-in-picture format.

We don’t have the technical expertise of a group like Digital Foundry, but for a quick eyeball comparison, the video above works well. If you want a detailed, in-depth analysis, check out Digital Foundry’s post.

While DOOM on Switch can’t really keep up with the other versions, it remains an excellent game. The Switch is the only way to play it on-the-go and it’s more than playable.

Look for our review of DOOM on Switch very soon.

Switch on the Left. PS4 on the right

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