Super Mario Odyssey Guide – How Many Costumes are there in the game?

Super Mario Odyssey is out now. It’s an incredible game and it’s also huge. Not to worry though, we’ve got your back with a number of handy guides, tips and hints. Super Mario Odyssey lets players change Mario’s clothes for the first time in the series. How many costumes are there you ask?

How Many Costumes are there in the game?

Super Mario Odyssey is the first Mario title to let players change the hero’s clothes. You can be a chef, pirate, topless, an astronaut, a cowboy and more. Some of these costumes you can purchase with regular coins, some require you to spend special Kingdom specific coins and some you unlock by using amiibo. We’ve compiled a list of every single costume we’ve been able to unlock so far. The problem is that Super Mario Odyssey is so big, we haven’t collected enough Power Moons to unlock every costume. In addition to the list below, there are 13 others items to be purchased which need additional moons to unlock.

As we collect more Moons and unlock more costumes, we’ll be sure and add them to the list.

Mario Cap & Mario SuitCaptain’s HatBlack Top Hat & Black Tuxedo
Caveman Headwear & Caveman OutfitSombrero & PonchoBuilder Helmet & Builder Outfit
Chef Hat & Chef SuitSamurai Helmet & Samurai ArmorSpace Helmet & Space Suit
Mario 64 Cap & Mario 64 SuitEmployee Cap & Employee UniformBoxer Shorts
Fashionable Cap & Fashionable OutfitMechanic Cap & Mechanic OutfitBlack Fedora & Black Suit
Pirate Hat & Pirate OutfitClown Hat & Clown SuitFootball Helmet & Football Uniform
Classic Cap & Classic SuitLuigi Cap & Luigi SuitDoctor Headwear & Doctor Outfit
Wario Cap & Wario SuitMario’s Top Hat & Mario’s TuxedoCowboy Hat & Cowboy Outfit
Swim Goggles & SwimwearSkeleton SuitScientist Visor & Scientist Outfit
Explorer Hat & Explorer OutfitAviator Cap & Aviator OutfitGolf Cap & Golf Outfit
Snow Hood & Snow SuitResort Hat & Resort OutfitSailor Hat & Sailor Suit
Painter’s Cap & Painter OutfitHappi Headband & Happi Outfit

PowerUp! has been incredibly fortunate to have received a copy of Super Mario Odyssey ahead of release. We’ve managed to play through and finish the game and have prepared a number of guides. Some of these guides are a work in progress as Super Mario Odyssey is enormous.

Please check back regularly to get all the latest updates to all our Super Mario Odyssey Guides.

Super Mario Odyssey was provided to PowerUp! by Nintendo.

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