Super Mario Odyssey Guide – How Many Captures are there in the game?

Super Mario Odyssey is out now. It’s an incredible game and it’s also huge. Not to worry though, we’ve got your back with a number of handy guides, tips and hints. The core to Super Mario Odyssey is capturing enemies and objects with Cappy. But just how many captures are in the game?

How Many Captures are in the Game?

Super Mario Odyssey has 52 enemies, characters and objects for you to capture. You can view how many you’ve unlocked by pressing Y when on the map screen and then pressing L or R until you reach the page. You can also press Y when you’re on the world select screen.

At the time of writing, we have finished the story and have unlocked 38 of the 52 captures. Here’s what we’ve found;

FrogSpark PylonPara-GoombaChain Chomp
Big Chain ChompBroode’s Chain ChompT-RexBinoculars
Bullet BillMoe-Eye???Goomba
???Mini RocketGlydon???
ZipperCheep Cheep??????
UprootFire BroSherm???
??????Picture Match (Goomba)Tropical Wiggler
PoleManhole???RC Car
Ty-fooShiverian Racer???Gushen
Lava BubbleVolbonanHammer BroMeat
ParabonesBanzai BillChargin’ ChuckBowser
??????Picture Match (Mario)Yoshi

Each and every capture serves a purpose. Some are much more specific than others though. The Manhole, for example, can only really be moved out of the way so you can get into the sewer. Whereas Chargin’ Chuck can charge up and run through walls, rubble and other enemies.

The best part about Capturing in Super Mario Odyssey is figuring out how to use the new abilities you’ve unlocked to solve a puzzle. That, and Mario’s moustache and blue eyes.

We’ll be sure and update this list as we complete the Capture list.

PowerUp! has been incredibly fortunate to have received a copy of Super Mario Odyssey ahead of release. We’ve managed to play through and finish the game and have prepared a number of guides. Some of these guides are a work in progress as Super Mario Odyssey is enormous.

Please check back regularly to get all the latest updates to all our Super Mario Odyssey Guides.

Super Mario Odyssey was provided to PowerUp! by Nintendo.

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