Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guide – How to make Warchiefs into spies

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the Nemesis System is king. Once you’re able to dominate Orcs, you can recruit Captains, make them spies and make your battles easier.

When you’re trying to overthrow a Warlord, it makes sense that you’d want to have his Warchiefs in your pocket. But how do you make Warchiefs into spies? If you target them in a mission and dominate them, they lose their position as a Warchief and will be replaced by another, loyal to the Warlord.

There’s even an Achievement/Trophy tied into making all of a Warlord’s Warchiefs into spies. The Nemesis System may be king, but it’s pretty obtuse and not everything is explained to the player. Thankfully, we’ve got it figured out for you.

Make Warchiefs into Spies

Making Warchiefs into spies is actually pretty easy, it’s just not explained or intuitive. When an enemy Warlord holds a fort you’ll need to either kill or Dominate the Warchief to remove him from his position. You’ll need to make sure you have some dominated Orcs in the army for that region too.

Once you’ve removed the enemy Warchief and his spot is empty, choose the Orc Captain you want to make a spy. Press Triangle or Y to Command him and then select the empty spot. Choose Infiltrate and then your Captain will be promoted to Warchief.

I’ve unfortunately finished the game and own all forts, so I couldn’t get screenshots of an enemy fort. Rest assured, the same way you make a Captin spy on a Warchief, is how you make a Warchief into a spy. You just don’t need to go through the added step of watching a Pit Fight.

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