Gran Turismo Sport Guide – How to unlock the Go Kart

Gran Turismo Sport is all about racing. It’s about racing the best and fastest cars on the planet and also a go-kart. That’s right, Gran Turismo Sport lets players hoon around some of the world’s best race circuits in a go-kart. First, you’ll have to unlock it though.

How to unlock the go-kart

Unlocking the go-kart in GT Sport is actually incredibly easy. It’s tied to how players gain access to online Sport races and seasons. Before you’re allowed to race in GT Sport’s Sport mode, you need to watch two videos about racing Sportsmanship. They can be found under the Racing Etiquette section.

These videos explain the dos and don’t of racing and how racing poorly will negatively affect your SR. A negative SR will make it harder for you to race in Sport mode and so racing cleanly is the best way to go.

Once you’ve watched both videos, they’re about 3-minutes each, you’ll earn your Sport License and you’ll unlock the go-kart.

With the go-kart unlocked, you’re free to zip around to your heart’s content.

Gran Turismo Sport is exclusive to PS4. You can read our review here.

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