Gran Turismo Sport Guide – How to unlock the Souvenir From the Nürburgring Trophy

Gran Turismo Sport is packed with so many great modes. Most of them focus on racing, but not all. Scapes is GT Sport’s photo mode, but it’s a little different.

It features a range of photographs that you can insert your various vehicles into. The lighting, reflections and colours of the photo will be placed on the car in some technical wizardry I don’t understand. When you’re done, it’ll look like your car really is sitting in front of the gate on Miyajima. See below.

How to unlock the Souvenir From the Nürburgring Trophy

The Souvenir From the Nürburgring Trophy requires you to take a photo on the Nürburgring with a Grade 3 BMW vehicle included. Now, unless you get lucky and are gifted a Grade 3 BMW vehicle early on, this Trophy will take you a while. But not if you use this method.

Sign a driver contract with BMW and you’ll get to select a Grade 3 and a Grade 4 car. Head to Scapes mode, choose Nürburgring, stick the Grade 3 BMW in and snap the photo.

BAM! Trophy unlocked.

Gran Turismo Sport is exclusive to PS4. Read our review here.

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