SNES Mini Guide: How to plug it in without buying an AC adapter

The SNES Mini is out now in Australia. For $119.95 AUD, you get the teeny-tiny console, two controllers, an HDMI cable, USB cable and 21 built-in games.

What you don’t get, is an AC adapter. The official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter will work with the SNES Mini, but buying one for $19 AUD is a huge waste of cash. There are plenty of options for you to get your SNES Mini up and running without spending any more than $119.95 AUD.

Plug it in

The SNES Mini is powered via a Micro-USB port on the rear of the console. The AC adapter you can purchase is simply a plug for your wall socket. It may be necessary for some players, but most will have a USB AC adapter lying around.

If you own an iPhone, you will certainly have at least one, but probably more. The same can be said for Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPod etc. You can simply plug the USB cable into any of these AC adapters and your SNES Mini will be up and running.

If you don’t have any of these adapters, don’t fret. You don’t actually need one. The SNES Mini draws so little power that you can plug the USB into your TV, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Wii U, laptop or anything else with a USB port.

The AC adapter is only necessary if for some reason you are unable to use any of the options above. Which is pretty unlikely? It is only $19 AUD, but why spend more money if you don’t need to.

The SNES Mini is an impressive little gadget and well worth the asking price. Don’t be fooled by overzealous EB Games sales staff though. Spend that extra $19 on something you really need.

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