Star Wars: Battlefront II’s single-player story details revealed

A trailer for the single-player campaign in Star Wars: Battlefront II has revealed some interesting details. Set after the death of the Emperor, the galaxy is trying to rebuild, though even from the grave the Empire’s leader still holds influence.

Seeking vengeance for his death, the Emperor works through his Messenger Droids, one of which plays a pivotal role in the story. The Messenger Droids form part of the Emperor’s contingency plan detailed in Star Wars Shattered Empire. The Messenger Droids bear Palpatine’s face and messages from him which must be followed. Those who resist are punished.

The trailer above shows a Messenger Droid giving instructions to Iden and her father. These instructions set events in motion that will see the Emperor’s last wishes carried out.

The Messenger Droid is just one of the connections players will find in Star Wars: Battlefront II that leads back to the wider Star Wars galaxy. Fans can get their first hands-on with Battlefront II when the beta launches October 5, or October 3 for those who’ve pre-ordered.

If you pre-order on the PSN store in Australia, you’ll have the chance to win a life-sized Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

Star Wars: Battlefront II launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 16, 2017.

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